Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Aunt Bea and Nothingness

Woot Woot - she powers on!

In a session that would put back-to-school children to sleep, the NDX has managed yet another 52-wk high.

This time there are only 5 names among the 100 hitting NHs, with 1 hour of trading left at this writing. Of those, only AAPL and GOOG constitute any significant market cap.

Yep, there is a bull market out there - the AAPL/GOOG Index continues to scream.

The broad market is mostly lower and Energy stocks are getting weed-whacked today; which means I am happy. So far I'm still holding GRP and SLB shorts put on Friday.

I'm supposed to tell you why the market might drop like a stone following tomorrow's Fed action. Now I don't feel up to it. Yes, I'm rather busy at the moment - in fact I have more excuses than those kids linked above. But mainly I think it is better just shut-up until something starts up (er, down).

So, piss off. Go find your doom and gloom elsewhere. I'll be under this rock until Fed sundown.

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