Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Churn Baby Churn

AAPL eps last night set the stage to squeeze the shorts once again, but there is little power here at the moment. The real move was yesterday's bounce; today is met with high volume, flat breadth and mostly negative progress from the opening prices.

I'm actually up on the day thanks to good ol' COH's weak guidance.

Sold most of the TWM (Ultrashort Russell 2000) yesterday early (counting the aftermkt the night before as well) , but unfortunately held all the QID (Ultrashort NDX) since I am still playing for that index to catch up with the otherwise negative market out there. Indeed, the NDX is still king, that group of 100 Naz stocks which keeps the world so f-ing bullish. Shanghai was up a bit overnight, but no new highs there in a while. Staying short the US here, but plenty of dry powder. If we don't stop rising, I have to get neutral, or get out and visit a day-spa or something so I can find something new to complain about. If we do stop rising, I am going to short with both hands again. We're just off alltime highs in all accounts here, even though the market has been SO STRONG GOING HIGHER...HA!

Still formatting the new blog here. Going to keep it pretty raw though so I don't have to get distracted with all the fanfare.

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