Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Attila the Hum

The market action was mostly weak early today, but there was no real excitement this time. That concerns me some.

Never short a dull market, right?

Actually, it's a great rule.

Watching the paint dry, or in this case watching the dry tape, is usually not how serious plunder unfolds. I wish I could say otherwise.

So again I have been obliged to unload (short) positions; take the goods off the table; keep the powder dry; live another day; beat the hum-drum and then some.

I know, we've had pockets-of-plunder out there for some time. But I'm talking about the all-you-can-eat buffet.

A trader's life is so boring sometimes. Because the over-all market is such shit, I cannot partake in the popular, bucket shop party-time frenzy; in the two or three Googley names within a permanent cheap-on-a-valuation-perspective roaring bull market.

Sometimes you've got to just let the other guy make the money. Sit on you hands and wait for either A.) The market to improve enough to go long; or B.) Some friggin' blood in the water, thank you.

In the meantime, I still have my lovely Dress on, but I'm out of everything else for now.

If we aren't letting out a little more red on the tape again soon, it's back to finishing, err fishing school, for me. At least until something wakes up.


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