Friday, November 23, 2007

Shovel Up and Buck

The GoGo stocks are lagging so far in today's advance. Buying is indeed rotating to other areas. I thought this might happen, since 1.) the move in the GOOG's and AAPL's of the world were so strong the previous two sessions combined with 2.) the rest of the mkt was such shit.

I'm all the way out of GOOG, AAPL, MICC and FSLR. I swapped back into the SKF short (thus double-long financials).

I will unload SKF before the close, but the financials look to be the live play for today's low volume, post-holiday bounce.

I may or may not hold ISRG and ONXX further than today; but either way I am going into next week with hardly any guinea pig on my plate.

Also, I haven't had any time to edit these posts today; I'm sure there is a problem or two thERe.

Good weekend!

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