Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Woot! Shoot

Ok, things got exciting after all today - on the upside. Yep, we're on fire tonight baby - Woot woot!

I can laugh at least, since I'm almost entirely on the sidelines at the moment; Still wearing just a tiny Dress Barn short at moment.

Actually, I really should have jumped-in long, even if for the day. It was obvious by the time I hit the Send button this ship was headed up. A younger, more clever trader with 6 to 8 screens in front of him would have managed. I'm so last century.

Obv. I'm just an old toad, waiting to piss on everyone's party- and now I'm stuck. Stuck because it's not like I can chase this higher from here. If I had traded long I would have exited already by the close. That means I missed a decent opp. going up, only to be resigned now into the wait-and-see chamber - where I can't do much more than watch young guns try to make up for their recent whack-a-mole set-back. You know the type. The same people who said C was looking attractive in the mid-forties. Bugger!

Ok, the other pisser is this ass-savvy staff (of none) here is finding out today the new Subscribe feature (for email delivery) is not much better than waiting for land-mail in Kansas. Apparently Feedburner is not sending posts out upon publishing, but looking to send whatever new material a blogger can mustard only once/day.

That's tidier for them I suppose, but it's pathetic if you're actually trading this market and you might actually use this stuff (whoa-now - you should NOT actually use this stuff - what were you thinking? Read the disclaimer at the bottom and at the right side of this page - this is for info-tainment purposes only. My legal staff is smaller than my tech staff, which is non-existent next to my infectious diseases staff - so do not actually try this at home. Hell, you can't even get proper delivery on the micro-picture of how things are flying on and off the handle, so even if you wanted to attempt it I couldn't guarantee you any gains even if I am grinding out 200% - Get a life already!)

So I need a tech-staff. Great.

And piss-off to this market. After a day like today I just want to wait for Cramer and short his featured (ass)play in the after-market.

Yesterday he slobbered over NCR, which naturally opened at the high of the day today and then shat all over that smart-money Cramer crowd.

So at 6PM EST. turn on CNBC and turn OFF the sound (seriously). You don't need to know what he's actually mouthing. You just need to hot-dog short on whatever his big feature of the day will be (assuming he's jerked it up >3% - I'll give you the full parameters another time); the graphics will say all you need to know. Even better, call someone else like I do, so you don't have to see any of it.

Then turn the show OFF after the opening plug - the rest of his blather is not moving anything enough to fade it and it's certainly not worth the effort of having to watch his next zit pop (sorry, no link).

God, I digress. Heaven help the readers of this page when I am on the sidelines. If it takes more than a day or two, well, I apologize in advance.

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