Saturday, December 22, 2007

Breathing Higher

I'm out of town again. This time not because of any sideline spree, I'm still holding plenty of stock.

I'm out of town because this is my favorite holiday thrush-and-plush week. The market should continue a slow and easy crawl upward here and if there is going to be a fly in that ointment I don't think it will show itself until late in the week or on the 31st at earliest. The period between now and the 31st is typically the least volatile period of the year and the year's leadership stocks like to crawl steadily higher.

Presently I'm hard-boiling from within a giant traditional Japanese rotunda barrel tub, complete with all the natural salts and salad greens a dunk like this is accustomed. My masseuse, Ms. Divina, employs the traditional grated-cheese-scrub and rubber slapjack, followed with a succession of 5,135 forced body squats. There's some pretty sophisticated charts and whistles up on the wall plotting vitals like my heart rate, blood temperature and inner-most thoughts. By the time I roll out of here tomorrow I will have shed 35-38 lbs of head fat.

I'm not expecting much in the way of changes to my position the next couple of trading days. If the action is indeed a low-volume, gradual increase in prices, I'll be looking to hold as much of this position as possible and then unload on Monday (the 31st). I don't want '07 winners at the beginning of '08. We'll get into why that is true later in the week.

For now I have to peel a little skin and relax. Hopefully the market cooperates - I'm thinking it will.

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