Friday, December 28, 2007

Posting Up

The action remains mostly quiet, but mostly positive. If we can maintain this posture, we are set up for a decent pre-holiday move higher between now and Monday's close. I would expect the easiest money to come on Monday.

I'm buying a decent amount of PCLN here (ave. 119.17). I will sell all of this between now and Monday's close.

I may add to JASO, if it can rally back above its 10-day, >72.26; assuming the market internals remain decent.

I've so far avoided re-entering AAPL and GOOG, preferring stocks above today's open-highs; especially given my time frame is less than 2 trading days now. Both of these will likely be higher this time Monday, however, and I will stab at them...if they insist.

Current Position (by size): PCLN, ONXX, JASO, MR, LOGI, TNH, CAF, YGE, GENZ, PWRD

[CAF is at higher-highs again today - the chart-link here has not adjusted for yesterday's dividend payout]

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