Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Leadership (AVAV Breaking out)

Been quiet here lately as far as posting, but still playing the Obama Bid - hopefully all the way to the inauguration. If we see something funny at year end, or if we start straight down on Jan. 2, then I am bailing out or getting short (one or both).

Anyway, there are live stocks out there right now. There were some great bounce-trades lately, but at this stage of the retracement I prefer new leadership without significant overhead resistance.

Here is the updated Hit-List. I don't have time to categorize the industry groups, but none of these are from low-ranking groups.

AVAV (breaking out on strong, rising volume today)
SXCI (very thin)
EMS (thin)
LOPE (thin, ipo, but trying to hold this thing at least to year-end)