Monday, January 05, 2009

High Wire Bearpoon

So far so good.

The tape-action continues to paint a green picture and a rising number of leadership stocks are breaking-out of decent patterns.

I'm still of the mind we'll see strong overall action up to the inauguration.

After that point I am not so sure, but I'll be snorkeling in Tora Tora Bora or somewhere by then anyway (sooner if the bear comes out of hibernation before the 20th; otherwise I'm trading long until the 19th or 20th, depending).

Here is the updated Sling-Shot, Rubber-Bullet Hit-List for stocks I am trading around...and even pyramiding higher in some cases. The list is longer than that of 18 December, as there are more pup seals within easy club reach than in quite some time...

AVAV (the strongest solar paper airplane stock I know of)
DLTR (shopping at its finest)
MYGN (new breakout)
CEPH (poised for breakout)
AFAM (for almost-family members only)
BKR (thin, but breaking out now)
CAL (my new favorite airline, replacing ALGT and UAUA)
COCO (>16)
SXCI (very thin)
EMS (thin, breaking out but not yet w any major volume)
LOPE (thin, ipo, I did sell on De. 31 as planned, would re-buy if it won't drop)


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