Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Note

I'm slowing down here a bit as today's bond market advance and the plunge in oil has me concerned. FOMC announcement comes tomorrow and the bond market move may be signaling more quantitative easing to come out of the Fed. Stocks so far are holding fine, but I've cut back some and am a bit defensive until this event is out of the way and the light is still green. I'll hedge or back out all the way if the stocks start to fail...too soon to say just now.

I will definitely re-increase my long exposure if we come through this unharmed.

Currently long (according to size): AVAV, ASEI (thin), THOR, CEPH, TWGP (thin), ATHN, MYGN, MANT (thin, downgraded today), LPHI (thin) and DLTR

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