Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Aggressive Defensive

I still don't like the action at the moment and I'm now 2/3rds short and 1/3rd long. I Traded out of the SDS at the close on Monday and then replaced it with TWM on Tuesday; as TWM has a higher degree of Financials and the corresponding index is acting worse.

Current Shorts (according to size): TWM-long (Russell 2000 Ultrashort), HAS, MAT, FSYS, SRS-long (commcrl real estate Ultrashort, 1-3 day trade only), AAPL, VMI, MBT, BAC, HOTT
Current longs (according to size): AVAV, CEPH, ATHN, OTEX, HOC, CECO, ASEI (thin)

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