Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood May be Thinning

Wild and woolly here today - and back to market neutral.

Blow-by-blow: I bot back the SSO half at 19.75; bot OTEX, ave 34.01 (thin); covered AXA (down on earnings today; exit for now), 12.68 ave; covered half SIVB, 16.55; covered CXO (too soon), 22.00; covered AFL short, 16.90; added to PNC short, 24.95 ave; cut six toe nails and made a Georgian Peanut sandwich to feed the family.

I'm settling down now for a bit as the market starts to quiet some. sure.

Frankly, the good wave lower we saw earlier was not making the greatest impression here (we had fear and panic, but the mkt was unable to really break into new-low ground). Some other positives (today at least): oil is bouncing; breadth was never very negative and now is back to flat; Put-to-Call numbers today and yesterday have been high; Ouside of C and BAC blood, the water is clear of significant chum; Bonds are selling (inverse flight-to-safety); Dollar is down; Jobless claims didn't cause any issue and PPI prices were up, not down.

Currently Short (according to size): XEC, STRA, BBT, VNO, PNC, HST, SGY, SIVB
Currenty long (according to size): SSO, AVAV, ATHN, OTEX (thin)

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