Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Trades

I'm presently net-long now for the day, after gathering a sizeable tranche of GS long (as a temporary hedge against shorts; ave. 83.50). GS almost tagged the 50-day early and has been rising since. I would be stopped-out if we re-visit the 50-day on that one today (below 81.50 is about my threshold), but otherwise I could wear this one throughout the session or even for a day or two (should the market catch a breath and GS can rise above the 100-day, ~87.20).

I added to SIVB and BBT shorts early and took a small, first tranche short on HST, but these are small tranches compared to the GS trade and the overall position.

Currently Short (according to size): VNO, BBT, SIVB, AXA, HST
Currenty long (according to size): GS, AVAV, ATHN

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