Monday, February 02, 2009

Funeral Barbie

While the action today is not entirely negative, I can't say I'm getting much more enthusiastic here since Friday. I'm still nipping and tucking and firing fresh at helpless harp seals, the net result of which means I am further net-short in my overall position.

Some of the longs I've dropped (or trimmed) lately I would be fine revisiting (or re-weighting), but we need to see signs of real life on tape. I'm keeping an open mind, but remain less than enthusiastic since Wednesday.

Speaking of nip and tuck, HAS-broken and Mattel are the latest damaged goods and new in my kill camp. Apparently, after 400 years sales of Barbie have begun declining sharply. If they re-price Hotwheels, Potato Heads and Barbie shoes, it's not going to help the bottom (tan)lines anytime soon. If they don't re-price, sales should keep Malibu Barbie mudsliding lower.

Current Shorts (according to size): SDS-long (SP500 Ultrashort), AAPL, VMI, MAT, MBT, HAS
Current longs (according to size): AVAV, ABX, CEPH, OTEX, HOC, CECO, ASEI (thin), ATHN and DLTR

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