Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick and Quick

I did get a lot smaller here today, covering about 50% of my short exposure in the opening 15 minutes of trading and then another 25% as the market was selling-off on the ill consumer confidence number.

Perhaps this was a little cute, but I moved into GS and AAPL for swing trades long (I'll blow-out today if they fail in any way - check my Twit-feed on the right >>>). I'm net-long at the moment by a ratio of 3-1, but the overall position is still well-reduced and when I let go of the GS/AAPL trades I'm only slightly net-long.

If the market stalls today, I'll just get smaller - in other words, I don't mind swinging like Darwin here, but if we're just going to chop without any real direction (congestion), then I'm going harpooning instead.

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