Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ice Floed

I slept in today, not getting up until 5:30 Tijuana time; my head was throbbing although I didn't drink a drop last night; my small, net-long position was not going to get any miracles given that Europe was for sale again; my body cleaner since I soaked my head long enough to (hopefully) wash away yesterday's anti-groove; my dog Tripod still happy, even though he has only 3 legs.

It's too bad I'm handcuffed from attacking fresh today, the tape is just ruthless.

Anyway, I've refined rules over the years and I know how to get to the end-game - make sure you cannot self-destruct. The way you do that is to get progressively larger when things are going sublime and get smaller when you suck divine.

I don't kick the dog and I don't kick myself. But I sure as hell don't need to blow-up accounts.

Right now I'm sharpening incisors (I've got 16 of those now) and watching the market as if this was for hobby. I see some amazing things, none of them exactly lovely. I'll pipe in by tonight with some of what I see.

Make some money baby! With or without me.

Total Position: currently 1.08-to-1 net long, (14% invested)
Currenty long (according to size): SNDA (4.3%), IOC (3%)

Currently Short (according to size): AEM (6.6%; going against me today, but I'm not going anywhere on this one just yet)

16 incisors + sharpeners above

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