Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Med is Dead (Kisses from Cramer)

Quick post here. Up-open in market is fading, but nothing completely ugly as of yet.

Everything Medical however is getting wrecked. I got off shorts in HUM, ELOS and some ATHN (not enough), but others were just slipping away and orders unfilled. Watching Cramer fav's like ABT, BAX and AET on the tape today is humorous in a sick sort of way. I think he just promo-pushed BAX for a second time last week; this, after warning us about Healthcare and Obama the week before. Is this guy just a sick genius in reverse, or is he the scum of the Earth pumping up stocks which are ready to die?

FSYS was a recent promo-pump of his. I tried and couldn't borrow that pig every day for two weeks, following an initial, successful scalp on his behalf.

I guess he didn't say FSYS would go straight up.

And thanks for the BAC shorts tough guy - yer my favorite head of beef.
"...As much as I love Wachovia, I think Bank of America is going to 60 in a heartbeat." Cramer quote from October 4, 2007.

Gotta go...the Twitterditter will take it from here >>>

Total Position: currently 1.91-to-1 net short, (57.6% invested)

Currently Long (according to size): WNR, SNDA, PMCS, ARST

Currently Short (according to size): HUM, BWA, ALV, V, ELOS, GTIV, AUY, ATHN

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