Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off the Hook (getting smaller still)

Shorts are scrambling again today, as the pullback picture has all but evaporated for now.

I dodged a bullet with my short side, as the down-open action flashed sad-little power. I decided since I am getting smaller here I'll cover that side of things and just blow-out the longs then if the market didn't recover.

Better lucky than good, right? Stupid-lucky wins again.

I can brag now, since I am quite a bit smaller and frankly I'm not looking to grow aggressive again anytime soon. The bigger picture now is a bit murky. I'm not thrilled with the longs I have left and I'm not ambitious to short this either. I'll babysit this reduced group whilst preparing my next escape to lands well-under. Every trader needs a rest. Mine looks to be on the weigh.

Keep on the Tweatbeat over there >>> for the blow-by-blowfish history of shrinkage.

Beast out

Total Position: 5.1-to-1 net long, 40% invested

Currently Long (according to size): CYOU, PMCS, WNR, CEO, MYGN, MNRO, FORM, OTEX, CHKP

Currently Short (according to size): STRA (6.5%); under the 50-day for STRA looks good; mammoth HS pattern.

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