Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quicknote on CYOU, etc.

Sorry for the black-out here of late. I went to a land not so exotic and not-so-far away, but somehow without internet; too exotic for my taste.

Yesterday I managed to sell CYOU-long, up in the nethersphere at the open (as planned), but I was unable late in the day to cancel orders to reload long at 33.02. Given the obvious distributive action in CYOU (making new-lows late in the session and barely managing to hold positive at the same time the market was finishing strong and carving higher-highs)...

I'm looking now to unload CYOU early today and let that one consolidate some without me.

I also unloaded my SNDA-long as well as the SRS-hedge early yesterday, so I'm one-step from being totally sidelined.

I may stay small for a bit and let the market consolidate some as well; learn a little in the meantime. I have no strong opinion as to how things are going to play-out from here. Almost nothing would surprise me though.

FYI, I did manage to convey changes to my position via Twitter; simpler and easier when out of touch, out of sorts, etc.

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