Friday, May 01, 2009

Quicknote (updated portfolio)

Yezzz, it remains rather boring out there. I'm bothering to write in order to update the current (light) position here.

I picked-up SRS late yesterday as the rally faded on rising volume (distributive). This hasn't led to any assault just yet, but one may as well be prepared.

CYOU, my favorite trader the last few weeks, is reporting before the open on Monday. Unless this spikes dramatically today (higher or lower) I am going into the event with the current 4.2% position.

TSYS earnings were no great shakes - I blew out that one early today after it opened a little down and then fell instead of rallied. I'm not going to live forever - I need my positions to work following a fundamental driver such as earnings.

That leaves me with only SNDA (5.2%) and CYOU (4.2%) long at moment and the SRS-hedge (5.2%) covering my short ass for now. The leverage and uber-high beta of the latter has my accounts leaning slightly net-short, but only 15% invested.

Commentary posts have been light recently as I rest-up some during the more murky action, but I am still updating all actions live on the Twitt-twat >>>. Knock yourself out and follow if you care what I do more than what I say...just don't do anything I do.

Can you say weekend?

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