Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sans the Shortlist

I won't be updating any short-list tonight. If the trend resumes downward tomorrow I may update then, but frankly it will need to be an impressive market shift to motivate me. Until proven otherwise I consider the market to be in a sideways trend now at worst; I'm still of the mind to keep things small, in terms of exposure, but I'll be focusing on long-side set-ups only until further notice.

Some notable leadership-groups and names I would highlight: Internet Content (CYOU, NTES and SNDA); Internet Solutions (ASIA, FFIV); Telecom-Wireless Equip (STAR, RIMM); Retail-Clothing/Shoe (BKE, CTRN, ROST, GYMB); Retail-Restaurants (PZZA, PEET-thin, JACK).

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