Monday, July 13, 2009

Le Update

I'm still here, but laying low - decompressing in fine French fashion. While today may begin to show different, nothing in the action of the market has been too terribly inspiring and that has suited my vacationing mind quite well.

There are plenty of strong charts out there still and I wouldn't be surprised if we turned higher soon, but I need the market to manage something of a short-term low before getting involved. I am okay with missing the beginning of a rally, when and if something ensues, and I'm not interested in taking on shorts if things worsen; being on holiday.

If I were a nicer guy or on a normal schedule, I would list the leadership stocks I currently consider best poised. No such luck for you in the month of July, however. Get a haircut, go outside and I'll continue to rest-up and write but little; though I will convey new trades via Twitter.

Also, for the few who expected entertainment whilst I was away, I clearly mismanaged expectations. I've been much busier doing nothing than I ever realized. That may get flowing soon, but don't get too eager when you reload this page; I'm capable of disappointing your kind even longer.

Regarding my position I still have PEET (3.7%) and MRVL (3.4%) long, which refused so far to stop me out. As well, I just added 6.66% long EWT long, but this is more of an intermediate-term play and not a trade (assuming nothing dramatically negative develops in the Asian markets).

Don't do what I do, but I'm still keen on buying Asia on pullbacks. Taiwan in this case.

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