Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Bearish Post

No doubt you saw it - the market traded lower for an hour or so this morning.

I know it was a long time coming and yes, I know there were a handful of red candles on the hourly earlier this week as well, but today was even more convincing.

Than ever.

Well, bears be damned - It's me and Trish now. I'm sitting here with a lawn chair up my ass, sipping on caustic sodas while hot dog mustard glazes pen-protected corduroy t-shirts - waiting for Dow 10,000.

If I were smart (smart enough to write 'Trish and I' instead of 'me and Trish'), I would notice that Trish has now begun asking guests when we will hit Dow 10k and no longer if.

Fortunately I remain an idiot.

The FOMC announcement hits today ~2:15 PM EST. We'll see if candles can glow red on the heels of that biggie.

When will it be time to go short?

Not sure here. They don't pay me to know.

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