Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At Gravity's End

The question on the Street is evolving now to whether we'll hold and close above Dow 10,000 (that important psychological milestone), or will we see something resembling a pull-back.

I need a new career - more certain than ever now I'm very likely, definitely doomed. My only hope is Trish is off the air when 10k is hit. I'll likely be forced to sell everything if not.

Internals are strongly positive, but not severe today. INTC, JPM and Dow 10k hats are dominating the headlines, but it is the Chinese ADR's which continue dominating leadership growth.

Security software provider Asiainfo (ASIA) is the latest big breakout. ASIA is doing major volume, breaking out of a roughly 6-month base.

I like this thin name Harbin Electric (HRBN) perhaps most. This is the stock that broke out on the news they were buying another company (an accretive deal; I do like breakouts where the catalyst is driven on buying another company).

RINO (Rino International) is the exception today, but that stock was extended beyond extended, so I'm not ready to call an end to the Chinese growth-stock surge just yet. I unloaded the RINO position at the open today (>27). I will likely lay-off now at least until they price the upcoming secondary.

I don't want to speak more than that, sorry. Good luck with your shorts.

-Total Position: 100% net-long
-60% invested
-Pure-longs = 60%

Currently Long (according to size): RKT (7.1%), DGW (7%), HRBN (7%), CFSG (6.4%), ASIA (6.2%, going on 7%), HMIN (6.1%), ULTA (5.1%), CLW (4.2%), SWM (4%), PTI (4%), CHBT (3.6%)

Currently Short (according to size): no current position

Futures Accounts: no current position

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