Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Going to be brief here today.

I pride myself on never knowing what is going on, but today's action is loaded with conflicting cross-currents. I'm not taking time just now to point them out and I'm certainly not going to pretending any brilliant conclusions. I'll continue to react and can be followed real-time via my Twitterfeed, should you care to watch.

If possible I'll chime in again sometime after the close. In the meantime and as always, don't do what I do; at least not because of anything I say; or don't

-Total Position: ~1.3-to-1 net-long, considering levered TWM and SRS hedges
-74% invested
-Pure-longs = 54%

Currently Long (according to size): CYD (new, 6.2%), ASIA (5.3%), DGW (5.2%), NEU, new, reports tomrrw aftr clse, (5.1%), RKT (5.1%), CLW (5%) HRBN (4.9%), WATG (4.7%), ININ (4.4%), HMIN (4.3%), CHBT (new, 3.4%)

Currently Short (according to size):
-TWM-long (Russell 2k Dbl-short, 15.3%)
-SRS-long (US Real Estate Dbl-short, added today, 5.6%)
(Note: inverse-ETFs TWM and SRS represent being dbl-short their respective index).

Futures Accounts: Short 20% Dec BR Pound from 1.6344

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