Friday, October 30, 2009

Remote Bloat (small and off-call)

I'm sitting outside the Chinese consulate in SF right now, on my 3rd refill of Peet's, listening complaints about the bay bridge while waiting for my 2nd visa attempt to go through.

I'm also watching the market re-trend to the downside, eating its young with no regard for appearances.

Yesterday was as graceful as it gets, for getting out of Dodge. I don't see anything wrong with shorting yesterday (or today perhaps), but for myself, heading for China and the market still in a larger uptrend (intermediate-term basis), it didn't/couldn't interest me.

I leave that to the heroes. It looks like money is out there to scoop up, certainly; so no smack from me.

I did get very small, down to 2 longs by the open today and now I've hedged-off what's remaining with spat of TWM. I'm working to reload ASIA today long as well, as yesterday was extremely impressive following earnings.

Next week I may be sparse in posting and apparently I won't be posting trades live to my Twitterfeed (there is still no Twitter allowed in China). I'll be keeping a relatively low profile in the market though, unless something extreme develops.

[Edit: it looks like Blogger sites are also blocked in mainland China. I don't have time to research a fix right now, but this may put a kink in posting at all next week]

Beast out.

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