Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CD to Moonlight on Evil Speculator

Los Angeles and somewhere over there, November 3rd, 2009:

Centrifugal Deforest (CD) announced today it will begin (already) contributing content as a Guest Post Specialist (GPS) on the financial blogsite Evil Speculator.

While terms were not yet disclosed, it was reported the CD company picnic this year will switch to plastic wear and foam-chip cups, from 2nd hand paper plates and Dixie flutes.

The introductory post to ES regards the 3rd in a series of A Trader’s Guides - which seek to remind new and experienced traders alike that psychology is no pseudo science, and we are only as good as the last 3-legged stool we were sitting on.

A 4th installment (A trader’s Guide to Secondary Offerings, Part 1) has also posted.

Finally, the origin behind the CD name was also finally revealed. As it turns out, Centrifugal Deforest is derived from a bogus scientific theory that the catalyst behind the Earth’s accelerating rotation is akin to how ice skaters increase their rate of spin by bringing in the arms and crouching; the Earth’s old growth trees severing to illustrate the point.

CD expects to re-post most of the guest-content to ES, though no indication was given as to (why or) how.

When questioned why on accelerating Earth was he bringing CD onto the ES site, startled ES founder Mole was apparently taken aback:

“What, that guy hacked into my site? Hmm, okay, let me read it and I’ll get back to you.”

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