Friday, November 06, 2009

Quicknote (leaving beijing)

Still slacking-off here, having slept through much of the previous couple night shifts.

Yes, I've been up no later than 4 am each morning, after keeping eyes sharp the first 90 minutes each session from 10:30 to midnight, but I have little excuse for the chunks in between anymore.

The market has been mostly dull, I think you noticed, and I'm not ungrateful since it would have forced me to live two lives here.

Anyway, I'm flying-out today (which is like tomorrow for most of you, but we'll meet up on the other side of the Pacific at some point during the weekend).

I've been finishing up Part 2 of A Trader's Guide to Secondary Offerings (for the better part of all week now!). I just have to drizzle a bit of oil on it during the plane ride west and post it up later in the weekend.

I'm also going to chronicle more about this place - punish you with that as well.


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