Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Updated Position (building a position)

I've been back and forth between slightly net-short and slightly net-long this week, but I'm increasing exposure at the same time. If the market does indeed find a bid, I'll look to lighten the hedge and (theoretically) hold a nice portfolio of longs.

If the market fails, I'll be scrambling some; likely increasing the hedge first, then unloading problems as they are present themselves.

Total Position: 1.25-to-1 net-short, 35% invested
Currently Long (according to size): CML (5.9%), HMIN (5.1%), HRBN (4.1%), ULTA (4%), DGW (3.2%)
Currently Short (according to size): [edit, left-out qid] QID-long (NDX Dbl-short, 7.9%), AAPL (5.1%)
(Note: inverse-ETF QID represents being dbl-short the respective index)
Futures Accounts: no position

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