Friday, January 22, 2010

Keeping Track (still pushing short)

Nobody needs me to come in and say something snide just now, especially me.

I'll just post the pretty pictures instead ;)

Selling strength remains my operative here; covering or hedging by adding long, on emotional weakness is the other side of that coin.

I don't like the idea of covering everything short, in anticipation or expectation of a market bounce, since I don't want to price myself out of what is the best opportunity if we only drive lower here.

The trend has changed and that is enough news for me not to question things.

As far as me being quiet lately, it's partly due to a busy week (outside of the market; traveling and otherwise), but also because sometimes it is better to flow with the flow than to stop and try to define everything. I have to be careful not to let my pen get in the way of making money.

No one really gives a shit over what I may think (about politics and new uncertainties) anyway - especially me!

That said, I will say one thing about the Monday session to come:

Monday may be a rally day for the market (as the first trading day of the week has significantly out-performed since the March lows; by a huge degree). But will things change now that the trend has shifted?

Further, if Monday strength does end this time around, it's not impossible then the change will be severe, no? I'm sure a lot of pros are counting on strength Monday - they may get very panicky if it is negative instead.

I'm long TIE only at the moment (added this morning). It's pointless to define my full position just now, since it is shifting continuously lately. I'm leaning on the Financials mostly at the moment for shorts, since that is where the blood is.

I'll keep things up on the Spitter, so as usual see the Twittspitt for details.

Be safe and good weekend.

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