Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Money FlowMo (Energy-Other)

I've posted more on money flows, this time highlighting the Energy-Other group, just now on ES HERE.

I'm still adding names today, though this might be about the maximum. If I add from here, it will likely be coincident with reducing elsewhere. Smaller growth names, especially Chinese, continue to out-perform; so I continue to work them.

Total Position: 100% net-long, 60% invested
Currently Long (according to size): UWM (R2k Dbl-long, 10%); GTI (6.3%), VIT (6.1%), HMIN (5.5%); CYD (5.4%), CML (5.4%); CISG (4.2%), HEAT (4.6%), RINO (4.2%), WATG (4%), ULTA (2.3%)
Currently Short: no current position
Futures Accounts: No current position (see the Twittspitt for details)

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