Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Money FlowMo (Steel Specialty Alloys)

New post re Steel-Specialty Alloys and GTI specifically posted just now to Evil Speculator HERE.

In other terms, I am quite unhappy to have shaken myself out of HRBN long; will look to re-enter assuming this holds above the 22.90 pivot-point for break-out. My not being perfect has become more obvious lately (though the week is going well-enough overall)

Total Position: 100% net-long, 47% invested
Currently Long (according to size): UWM (R2k Dbl-long, 10%); GTI (6.5%), HMIN (5.5%); CYD (5.3%), CML (5.3%); CISG (4.2%), RINO (4%), WATG (3.8%), ULTA (2.3%)
Currently Short: no current position
Futures Accounts: No current position (see the Twittspitt for details)

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