Friday, February 12, 2010

Updated Position (net-long, smaller overall)

Reasonable action in the market today, where (dramatic!) news has generated a lot more TV-mouthing than true selling. I've scaled-back exposure, more on the shorts than longs. As such I'm heading into the long weekend a bit smaller and a bit longer; still keying a variety of longs and mostly financials for shorts.

If I were more bullish on the market, I'd have jammed buy buttons hard today. Instead, I'm nudging that way slightly, waiting for a sign to sell 'em once again instead.

Mavericks is on for tomorrow. I'm sorry to miss out, but I picked-up a last minute North Coast sands and crabs hunt package just a day before the announcement. They're pretty much giving these things away away.

Total Position: ~1.5-to-1 net-long, 45% invested

Currently Long (according to size): BEAV (6.7%); SIRO (6%); AMZN (5.1%); IAG (reloaded today, 5%); CAB (3.4%); CISG (2.7%)

Currently Short: TWM-long (Russell 2k Dbl-short, 7%); DB (4.8%); MS (reduced today, 4.3%); out of JPM, SKF today

Futures Accounts: no current position
Options: sold the Mar 65 DB puts, 6.90 ave

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