Monday, May 24, 2010

Updated Position (laying long for now)

While volume is light and the market bounce has for the most part subdued (outside of AAPL and the NDX stocks), action is fairly firm today relative to a re-declining Euro.

I've no intention of sticking out necks, or getting bold in either direction just now. If the market can continue to bounce, I'm looking to add longs accordingly; progressively. If we deteriorate again instead, I'm happy to defend; firing short on days when internals are extreme negative.

Easy enough.

Total Position: Currently ~1.9-to-1 net-long; 39% invested

Currently Long (according to size): EWY-S.Korea (8.2%); SBUX (5.0%); EWS-Singapore (5.3%); MF (reloaded today, 5%); CRUS (4.4%); ITMN (0.73%)

Currently Short: SDS-long (SP500 Index Dbl-short, 5.6%); EPV-long (Europe Dbl-short, 3.7%); Note: Inverse ETFs currently weighted @1.65 x's

Futures: no current position

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