Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Updated Position (net-short, mouth shut)

Today's session had a nice rhythm. Tide was high, surf was strong, sets were readable. I lightened on shorts in the last hour, but remain almost 2-1 net-short overnight.

I'm still not putting energy into this blog during the market (nor most evenings), but posting trades and occasional observations, real time via Twitter. That's a much better delivery mechanism - I get off easy, clients can tell where we're pointing, and others can learn from my mistakes ;)

Total Position: Currently ~1.8-to-1 net-short; 50% invested

Currently Long (according to size): EWJ (increased today, 8%); MF (reduced yesterday, 6.7%); SBUX (5.3%)

Currently Short: SDS-long (SP500 index Dbl-short, 8.1%); JPM (7.9%); MS (5.9%); DB (4.7%); FCX (covered today); SKF-long (Financial Index Dbl-short, reduced today, 3.4%)

Futures: 20% Jun Br Pound short, ave entry 1.52055; 10% Jun Russell 2K short, from 721.80

Twittspit for details

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