Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wall of Worry (floor of hurry)

CNBC's Fast Money tells us the market will sell-off tomorrow whether the employment report is better than expected or worse. There were some nice, thought-out and logical reasons as to why.

Fortunately for me, I remain an idiot...

Total Position: Currently 5.7-to-1 net-long; 92% invested

Currently Long (according to size): JPM (6.5%); EWS-Singapore (6.5%); CRM (increased+traded today, 6.1%); IOC (5.8%); AKAM (5.7%); AVGO (5.5%); OVTI (5.3%); NTAP (5.2%); TGT (reduced today, 5.1%); SBUX (reduced today, 5%); CTXS (new today, 5%); ULTA (reduced today+news tonight, 4.6%); EWY-S.Korea (4.2%); GIL (4.2%); FFIV (3.8%); CISG (3.4%)

Currently Short
: EPV-long (European Mkts Dbl-short, re-entered early today, 6.8%); APOL (3.5%)...
Note: Inverse ETF currently weighted @1.6 x's (based on relation to relative beta in long holdings)

Futures: no current position (in and out of Crude Oil and Russell2k longs last two sessions)

Twittspitt for details

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