Friday, September 24, 2010

Updated Position (smaller, longer)

Pared back significantly here today, increasing net-long exposure at the same time. We've seen some choppy (toppy?) sessions lately but internals are severe-positive early today; implies the we will not reverse this session, but close somewhere near the day high.

That might be another full percent or more, for all I know. Thus the change of hats.

Total Position: Currently 2.47-to-1 net-long, 69% invested

[Edit: just added 6.5% long ORCL, 26.99 ave. Accounts now 2.79-to-1 net-long, 76% invested]

Currently Long (according to size):
CRM (7.4%); ULTA (7.1%); VPHM (6.9%); NTGR (6.8%); WLL (6.8%); ORCL (6.5%); EWS-Singapore (5.6%); MCP (unloaded early and re-bot, 5%); RJI (4.3%)

Currently Short: DISH (7.2%); CROX (6.7%); HK (6%)

Futures: no current position; out of yesterday's Nov Crude Oil long, 75.18

Centrifugal to fade trades in real time

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