Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated Position (tight hold for now)

We did break above the trading ranges and I did scale into a market neutral stance. I'm not giving up on the long side, but checking slightly.

It's a very tradable market right now.

Total Position: Currently 1-1 net-long, 97% invested

Currently Long (according to size):
ULTA (7.3%); NTGR (6.7%); EWZ-Brazil (6.1%); MCP (6%); EWS-Singapore (5.5%); CXO (5.4%); IGTE (4.6%); CRM (4.4%); RJI (4.2%)

Currently Short: FSLR (7.3%); DISH (7.1%); CMCSA (7%); CROX (6.4%); DISH (5.2%); PXP (4.9%); QLGC (4.9%); TWM-long (Russell-2000 2x's-short, 4.8%); APOL (4.4%)
Note: Inverse ETF (TWM) currently weighted @1.65 x's towards long/short calculation

Futures: no current position

Centrifugal to fade trades in real time

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