Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Updated Position (and becoming a kinder gentler scumbag)

I’ve been rather active lately and back to aggressive-long again today, after an absolute spray of neutralizing trades yesterday; beginning with that opening tick.

So why am I hanging my head out so long again, so soon? Well, I could bore you with the less colorful technical and fundamental stuff (like the fact that the market refuses to go down!), but it's more fun to paint the psychological drivers instead.

I personally want to thanks the instantaneous plethoric rise of windbag warnings stemming from the financial media after but one near-reversal session. That was a killer drop, I hope everyone survived it.

Let me stop right there actually. I’m announcing (spontaneously as I write this, in fact) to keep mum on the culprits. Never again will I name individuals flashing traits of the inverse-genius. I’m turning a new leaf - no ill talk - that's a new and permanent promise born only just now.

To be fair, I’ve always contained these calling-outs to famous heads only. No matter, my low-road tactics of measuring my position against the backs of misguided brilliance will not call-out individuals, famous or not; profitable or otherwise.

Speaking of ticks (pricks!), I’ve studied my moods and come to discover a really nasty trait. The better my quarter, year, etc., the meaner I seem to get. Right now for instance, I want to chew on bunnies. That’s how I good I feel about countering against these more reasonable twits.

Good luck with your buying at lower levels and good luck continuing to feel like it wants to go lower. I’m sure it will go lower – just to help you out; eventually certainly; maybe now. When it does go lower, tell you what. Those bargain shares you're after - take mine. I'm going to Disney World instead. You can have all the money in that case. It just feels to me like you have an anvil on your head and I want you out of my boat.

You know you want to buy the Yahoo under $200 (the sucker printed 250!). Never mind that it was too expensive under $100 for you to ever buy it. But now that you saw a $250 price, looking at it trading under 200, 150, 100, 50, etc., those seem like reasonable buys, don't they?

Anyway, that’s enough market analysis tonight. Hopefully I’ve not committed to anything, in any direction. I love a live market, but I don't feel like telling the tiger where he’s going (publicly or otherwise). I'm holding the tiger by the tail - that's the best reason I have not to dictate the future.

Oh, I'm still working on Lecture IV of Battle. It may be done soon, or by the weekend at latest. Hopefully you've enjoyed the vacation, but as best as I can, I’m looking to drag all of you through the mud with the next two sections. It may even begin to be clear why I’m making a point of no naming names. I consider everyone more intelligent than I let on (true) and in fact more highly than my peers likely believe. That doesn’t eliminate blunders and errors though, those are only too human. We're all doing our best, so credit for that is deserved. Thus, when you see me referring to inverse-genius (in these upcoming sections), please don’t ask me for names of any accounts. I am mum to names.

The persimmon tree ripens once a year I think, but fruit hangs from the human mill on a regular basis. Go find your own!

Beast out.

Total Position: Currently 6.28-to-1 net-long, 103% invested
(into slight margin overnight; looking to resume under 100%

Currently Long
(according to size): WLT (reduced yesterday, increased today, 8.1%); NOV (reduced yesterday, increased today, 8%); PPO (increased today, 7.5%); CRM (reduced yesterday, 7%); NFLX (re-loaded last night and increased today, 7%); MCP (6.6%); ARMH (6.5%); WBC (6.3%); ULTA (6%); COH (6%); GMO (5.2%); FTNT (5.1%); ROSE (5%); OVTI (4.4%)

Currently Short: DSX (6.9%); TNP (7.3%)
[all out and flat SLW and X shorts, traded yesterday to today]

Futures: no current position

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