Friday, January 14, 2011

Industry Group Leaders (highest-ranked YTD)

I was going to post this over the weekend, but given that bellwether Intel reported after the close Thursday, I want the results in hand now for Friday.

One comment on INTC for Friday - the last two quarters saw the name gap-up strongly and weaken from there (otherwise known as gap and crap). After the close Thursday INTC was up a more modest 2.1%. I know a lot of traders are expecting to see disappointing INTC action (yet again!) following Friday's open. This is far from my favorite name, but it hails from a highly ranked industry group and I suspect the stock will not oblige.

I'm looking to trade INTC long tomorrow (1-day trade), beginning pre-market, assuming it is higher by around 2%. Much weaker and I will pass. Much stronger than that and I will let it open first and look at buying into the first slice lower. Come and sell it into me - I'll take those shares and run with them ;)

Okay, we're nearly 2 weeks into the new year, so pin-pointing the best performing highly ranked industry groups is a way to keep sharp with the new leadership (sticking with highly ranked groups only avoids most, though not all, of the potential landmines. CSTR, for example, is not from a highly ranked group at the moment).

As always, read these at your own risk. This is my working list for new buys and it will gradually change as the year's trends progress. Make of it what you want, or not. You're on your own.

Finally, it's now very late. I tried to incorporate the leading stocks within these groups, but that list is incomplete; primarily so that I can get some sleep. Hit me up with questions or comments, especially if you want something clarified.

20 Best Performing + Highly Ranked Industry Groups thus far in 2011 (from O'Neil's 197 ranked groups, as of Thursday's close; subscription-service):

1. Telecom-Fiber Optics +13.93% (FNSR, JDSU, OPLK, CIEN, EXFO*, ABVT*)
2. Leisure Travel-Booking +9.56% (PCLN, TZOO, EXPE)
3. Machinery-Farm +8.18% (DE, CNH, AGCO, LNN*)
3. Oil&Gas-Intl Expl&Prod +7.52% (CEO, EGY, APA, HDY, FXEN, GTE, TRGL)
5. Internet-Network Sltns +7.14% (FFIV, ARUN, RAX, AKAM, LOGM, SPRT)
6. Energy-Coal +6.77% (WLT, ANR, ICO, BTU, ACI, TCK, MEE, CNX, PCX, JRCC)
7. Telecom-Infrastructure +6.73%
8. Telecom-Cable/Satl Eqp +6.51% (APKT, IDCC, AUDC*, ADTN, SHOR*)
9. Computer Sftwr-Enterprse +6.35% (CRM, SNCR, ULTI*, CNQR, SFSF)
10. Computer-Networking +5.5% (RVBD, JNPR, ALLT, PLCM, NTGR, ELX, BSCI)
11. Auto/Truck-Original Eqp +5.11% (WBC, TEN, XIDE, AXL, MGA, ALV, LEA, GNTX, ARM, ACW, JCI, DAN, MOD*)
12. Machinery-Tools&Related +4.91%
13. Leisure-Gaming/Eqp +4.73%
14. Machinery-Mtl Hdlg/Autmn +4.62%
15. Chemicals-Agricultural +4.58%
16. Auto/Truck-Replace Parts +4.55%
17. Computer-Data Storage +4.35%
18. Medical-Long-Term Care +4.33%
19. Elec-Contract Mfg +4.28%
20. Trucks & Parts-Hvy Duty
-NASDAQ Composite: +3.1%
-Russell 2000: +2.17%
-S&P 500: +2.1%
-NYSE Composite: +2.0%
-Dow Jones Industrial: +1.3%
* Thin
** IPO

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