Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flesh Wound (+ updated RS list of live longs)

Not to worry, I remain an idiot still.

This doesn't mean I will hold long-only in the face of a plunging market, but I remain perfectly bullish still on the 'here-to-Thanksgiving' outlook.

By now, none of you are even hopeful I will come through this unscathed. I think you all know I am doomed. It's okay, really. I invite you to watch.

It's a rope-a-dope strategy and it requires taking some blows. I won three out of four trading rounds last week, but was knocked to the mat on Friday. So while my week was more than 2.5% profitable, being on my back at the ring of the bell Friday changes everything.

It means my head is ringing.

Click here for my Updated Leadership Live List
(a less-strict RS screen for this week's go-to leadership wipes)

Current Total Position: Equity accounts are 1.65-1 net-long, 92% invested

Current Longs (according to size): NUS (12.2%), LVS (11.8%), WFM (10.3%), ATHN (9.5%), CERN (8.2%), QCOR (8.2%)

Currently Short: SP500 index via SDS-long (21.4%), JPM (10.6%)
...due to relative beta vs. current longs, weighing SDS at 1.5 x's (not 2x's) in net-long calculation.

Futures: Long Sep Swiss Franc, from 1.1322 ave

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