Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hunt for Emerging Leadership (screencasts from last week)

I scanned more stocks than my eyes can bear this weekend, and smaller growth stocks are emerging from cracks. In droves.

Maybe I've been too negative lately. 

New Leadership Hunt - Newest Screencasts Oct 21 & 23:
-Part-2: Turns out, leadership is emerging in a big way
-Part-1: Keep an open mind on where leadership is emerging

Screencasts from Oct. 19th:
Europe News Becoming like Anthrax in 2001
Hunting for strength in the midst of a major sell program  

Screencasts from Oct. 17th:
Part-3 of the Psychological Tape. Explaining my now long-only stance. 
Part-2 of the Psychological Tape.
Part-1 of the Psychological Tape...Unedited  

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Circular Paradox said...

I like your video format a lot. I think it communicates much more than writings and thus more informative. Per your suggestion, I would like to through a name in, which is Monsanto (MON). What would be nice is if you could throw in few reasons why someone wouldn't or shouldn't want that stock now.

Michael Davey said...

MON looks decent on the chart, but it's growing at (expected) 17% y/y while the PE is 26. In that sense, it is expensive (price vs. the growth; poor PEG ratio)

And while the broad sector there is more positive than not, the Ag-Operations group is D-rated at moment.

Thanks for the comment, glad it's informative.