Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I'm Very Short Cancer Right Now

I need a nap just now, but I want to get this out while my manic phase is holding.

In the past 24 hours (perhaps and apparently) we've seen the end of the recession and the cure for cancer. You just don't feel so good about it yet.

Marches against Wall St. are only growing right now, as not nearly enough raider's dicks have been pinned to wrecking balls in these declines. I suppose that illustrates this post as a little cynical.

I won't disagree.

But I only know what I know (which is zero), and I build my gameplan from there. Here is what I know:

-Market professionals are under-performing their broad market benchmarks this year and the broad market is down YTD (an awesome combination for Q4 results)

-Of the largest positions market professionals hold, one of the largest is cash (while many pros are net-short)

-The market has exploded upward from an Early October low. It may back and fill. It may or may not re-test significantly lower levels

-Market professionals will chase performance to save their finite careers, especially near year end

-Biotechnology is an emerging/re-emerging leadership group

-As long as the market is rising, I'm buy leadership heading into the end of the year

This doesn't mean the market will go straight up, but, if it is worth owning it will go up more than under-invested professionals are comfortable with. To the degree they remain uncomfortable, I will keep pushing long. If they pine for a pullback though (for a more comfortable entry point) AND get more than a whisk-chance to get aboard, then I will hand them my shares [see Inverse Genius post from March 27th, 2009; for reference].

I don't mind a higher-low retest, but I prefer it to be over about as fast as these guys can acknowledge it is upon us. Scary news driving the decline is the best recipe for this scenario. The market refusing to pullback much at all though, or at least not until from higher (more uncomfortable levels), is preferred.

And I don't care, seriously. My march against Wall Street came at a very young age. I'm fighting as best I can, while I still can and I'm doing it with wooden teeth. I try to measure power and I try to measure foolery. When the two meet there is something special to glean.

Money is pretty powerful.

The leadership is broad on this rally and that is a positive. Of the highest-fliers right now, the most exciting on the tape are companies developing and/or selling treatments for cancer. I'm posting the list below and linking the Supplemental Screencast here.

I am long three of these just now and I expect to trade more from the list. While I may sell at any time (Follow @Centrifugal to fade trades in real time), at the moment...

I am very short cancer.

This is not a recommendation. Fading me is fine, but do not buy any of this list because of me. 

MDCO (coronary interventions)
BMRN (genetic diseases)

Fair well

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