Sunday, November 20, 2011

Composite of Recent Screencasts

In Case of Waterfall (identifying group money flows and preparing long-side entries): Part-1: Strong money flow into the Oil&Gas Transport/Pipeline industry group
Part-2: WFM may slice here and present an entry
Part-4: Property/Casualty/Title Insurance - Insurance is exciting!
Part-5: Biotechnology-1 - has been consolidating; mixed picture lately
Part-6: Biotechnology-2 - Includes how NOT to play Biotechs
Part-7: INTU is nothing but net. Also FICO, HMSY, HSTM

Bear Buzz Kill (no super-hero stuff, but the bear-trap is set imo):
Bear Buzz Kill (Macro this time)...Part-1
Bear Buzz Kill (Macro this time)...a calm conclusion


cs said...

Once again, thanks for the great videos! The insights you give and the different perspective on how to look at the markets aren't available in any other source I've come across, so it's completely invaluable and eye opening.

The funny thing is that CNBC is and will always be a dozen steps behind how the market really thinks. They've evolved to the point where "buying on the dip" is something they now talk about and something they've taught their viewers. But unfortunately like my coworkers who bought NFLX at 77, they don't know the difference between buying on capitulation, and buying a falling knife.

They don't realize it's more like Princess Bride, trying to figure out which cup is poisoned...

Michael Davey said...

That's it exactly, figure out which cup might be poisoned. Leave the cup alone - let someone else make the money on that one.

Really appreciate the comment, thanks.

Trading demands a lot of attention and discipline and especially so when volatility is high and/or choppy. Easier money is made in strong, up-trending markets. The fact so few are behind that prospect at the moment is exciting...but only as long as we're advancing, right?

If you can eliminate the blow-ups, the math gets a lot easier in making a month, quarter, year.