Saturday, November 05, 2011

Red Flag Charging (index of recent screencasts)

The red flag is out. Don't do what I do, but energy is pulsing out there.

I'm attacking still.

Recent video screencasts:
-Nov 4: Would you buy a used car from this chart?
-Nov 4:  LPSN: Another pulsing charger from Friday's tape
-Oct 29: Chargers are pulsing and the Russell 2000 is poised
-Oct 24: GNC: Clockwork study in how to play an IPO

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your insights and real-time trade posts for the last two years. Again, I learned a lot but most likely not enough to make money.

It was as exciting as listening to live sports game. Too bad it ended but all good things must end sometime.


Nonadamas said...

Yo gonna miss us, boyyyyeee....on your 'market-related' adventure'...however we allow you to change your mind in the future...just keep dishin' up the spicy stuff so we stay in touch!! (I think I've been reading another buggy blog too much) Thanks BK

standard_and_poor said...

hey mike, this is the chart i'm looking at and trading: