Friday, June 17, 2011

Going to the

Just a quick update (since I still pay rent on this blog).

I'll be off the grid the next couple of weeks, playing chutes and ladders with Iceland's finest.

I will look to post something exotic, beautiful and serene, which coincidentally will become my state of mind as the long days progress. I reserved a 4wd vehicle the size of Scotland and I'm in search of some hot spring, inside of a cave, wrapped within a glacier. You know the one.

If July then is choppy with no clear trend, I will be younger still; resting until money becomes too easy not to come back.

At least initially, I will hold a little Healthcare. The sector is leading and rather conservative. If I miss big drama by a few hours, it shouldn't ruin my year. I'll manage my benchmarks and stops along the way, generally once a day.

Currently Long: $JNJ (10%), $BMY (6%); will look to hold these, benching accordingly each day. Twitter updates will still be posted, @Centrifugal, though not likely to be in real-time.