Saturday, March 07, 2009

1937 Fractal (plus 4-Dooms and a Funeral)

Okay boys and girls, this is where I get religion or get off the train for now. The 1937 Miracle Mandelbrot Overlay (pictured) I linked about a couple of weeks ago has continued to progress with frightening parallel accuracy. If this pattern doesn't detract here (I suspect it is going to detract beginning now, even if the two periods find themselves similarly entwined some sessions later), then I am going to church and rent some 1937 bot to trade my accounts.

Enough talk - credit goes to MktMike at Stock Tock Social. A viewer there commented that WS trading houses must have discovered this relationship by now - yup.

Mike has added the SPY now (green), which should give the bears some pause before re-punching the accelerator.

And now 4-Dooms and a Funeral, courtesy of Doug Short ( Click to enlarge

...the 4-Dooms title is mine, in case you were thinking that Doug Short guy is a real wise-ass ;)

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