Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faster Faster Kill Kill

No time at moment as growth is flying on the tape today and volume is heavy; rising. Market breadth is extreme positive.

Money is being put to work today as the quarter end draws near. There are under-invested institutions and there are many who would like to gun for higher to make the quarter. The SP500 pulled back to the 805 area and that is the new line in the sand.

I'm taking this seriously, but I am also loaded long, having let go my hedges from yesterday early-on.

I will cut/trim winners later in the session. At the moment I may just push harder, depending. Today will be active. Follow the Twittfeed to follow the madness >>>

Total Position: currently 5.34-to-1 net long, (78% invested)

Currently Long (according to size): RJI, PMCS, ARST, WNR, MYGN, IOC, SNDA, STAR, MNRO, HMSY, UGP, TSYS

Currently Short (according to size): AXA, ELOS

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