Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gun and Stun (Q1 ending on high note)

Quick and dirty here for last trading day of the quarter...

The complexion today is strong - formidable, firm and yet stealthy-quiet. Meanwhile leadership continues to roll higher on the tape.

The quiet nature means I can continue holding my aggressive position (actually I've added further). When the move heats up and becomes emotional, or if the oblivion sell-signs reemerge, then I begin cutting back.

Like every other money manager worth his salt I'm gunning for my quarter; so cutting my spiel short today. I may hedge a tad at the close to lock-in some of these recent gains, but frankly I still see too many good charts out there to fear any new, unnatural disasters.

Cliff notes: As long as the action remains positive, without terrific volume, emotion or excitement then I can hold aggressively long. Once things heat up above the surface I will start scaling out towards a more neutral position (sooner if new shit starts flying into old fans).

Total Position: (call it fully long), 86% invested

Currently Long (according to size): MYGN, NFLX, ARST, TSYS, RJI, PMCS, MNRO, WNR, SNDA, NVLS, LFT, GS, TNDM, CHKP, DRI, IOC (cut this back today early, its 1st day on NYSE)

Currently Short (according to size): EGO

Low-cal window dressing is my favorite diet for leadership growth. Time for more coffee...Beast out/

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