Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Look Honey (it's still a bear)

Too soon to say yet, but that may be all the bounce we get for now. I played it like Ali in Zaire, roped-and-doped and nearly knock-out the beast with certain NFLX trades, but the the ref just didn't call the fight soon enough.

The bear is up off the mat again.

I'm lightly invested now and net-short (though not major). Tomorrow will be fun. As long as the market cannot keep above SPX-700, I'll keep trying to lean on it for the still-possible trudge-plunge to adequately wash this tape out.

I'll be up early tomorrow (3:50 my time here in the Tijuana time zone). If the world is for sale again, my view is that mkt prices will be higher then than by the US opening bell. I'll add to SDS and/or others in that case.

Futures are finishing ugly (discount to cash) and veins in my head are buldging...look out below?

Total Position: currently 1.8-to-1 net-short, (56% invested)

Currenty long (according to size): MYGN, HOC, SNDA, NFLX

Currently Short (according to size): Long-SDS (SP500 double-short), VNO, AEM (both reduced by 50% today)
(Note: above long inverse-ETF SDS represents being dbl-short the respective index)

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